Rough Draft #53

Get a sneak peek of a work in progress

6 May 2022


The Event

Rough Draft = creative development² + a free public showing


Rough Drafts are week-long workshops that give theatre makers the opportunity to develop a new work for the stage. 

Writers and directors are given access to a rehearsal space, a paid team of actors or creatives and dramaturgical support. They may use the week and resources to complete a first draft of a play or they may choose to develop a script that is already complete in draft form. 

At the end of the workshop week, an audience is invited into the development process to have a sneak peek of a work in progress at the free public showing. These showings provide artists with a test audience and a platform to showcase their work to the industry. They also give audiences with an appetite for novelty access to the freshest playwriting.

ROUGH DRAFT #53 Where We Love is Home

By Michelle Lim Davidson
Directed by Jessica Arthur  

The past tells us who we are. If we lose this, do we lose our identity?

Phoebe is a South Korean adoptee. Growing up in Australia with little information about her past, she has always dreamt of finding her birth mother. Phoebe’s best friend and fellow Korean adoptee Daniel has a similar origin story. Together the two embark on a mission to reclaim the beginnings of their narratives. 

Tradition isn’t buried in time. When Phoebe and Daniel return to South Korea they are confronted by outdated systems and social injustices. They begin to uncover the complex history of Korean international adoption and struggle to reconcile the meaning of loss of language, time, birth family and home. Devastating truths will be revealed that will change their lives forever.

Where We Love is Home, is a funny and moving playwriting debut by Michelle Lim Davidson. Davidson attempts to disrupt the status quo of traditional adoption narratives. Based on a true story and inspired by her own journey to find her biological mother the play sheds light on Korean Australian adoptees and the unique struggles they face in their quest for wholeness. 

Content: Themes of adoption; racism; children lost, orphaned and abandoned; mental health; fertility and miscarriage; death or dying; critique of Australian / South Korean Government. For more information contact STC box office. 


Clara Kim, Jeno Kim, Valerie Bader, Michelle Lim Davidson and Yerin Ha
Consultant: Andrew Lee 

Book to attend the IN PERSON EVENT Fri 6 May, 6.30pm, Richard Wherrett Studio of the Roslyn Packer Theatre

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