In 1996, Sydney Theatre Company was the first performing arts company in Australia to employ a trained archivist and establish its own dedicated archives’ repository to house its corporate records.

STC has produced over 2000 plays, workshops, playreadings and events since inception in 1978. Archived material and information is used in the daily operation of the company, and adds to the heritage of performing arts in Australia.

STC Archives aims to collect and preserve the significant records of the company as evidence of its activities, with two main groups of records:

  • administrative and governance documentation including annual reports, minutes of meetings, licences, contracts, departmental operating files, premises plans, policies, etc; and
  • production information found in season brochures, programs, posters, archival recordings, production photographs, reviews, prompt copies, scripts, designs for sets, props, costumes, lighting and sound, etc. (Please note: amount and variety of material differs from play to play.)

As well as providing information and documentary evidence in support of the company’s operations, STC Archives makes its non-confidential records available for reference by researchers.

In-person access is by appointment only, Monday to Wednesday.

Requests for information or access to archival material can be made by phone on
+61 (2) 9250 1745, or sent to Archivist, Judith Seeff, at [email protected].

School groups can register their interest in archive viewings through STC's Education team.

STC is grateful for the support of the STC Pier Group and the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation for the establishment and subsequent refurbishment of the archives.