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The STC's season features a mix of new plays by Australian playwrights (generally the result of commissions), new international works, classic plays and new adaptations of classic plays. We aim to offer a diverse but cohesive season so programming discussions are often about achieving a balance. At various points during the programming process we may need to consider the balance between the formally adventurous and the populist, between new talent and leading practitioners or between comedy and tragedy.

The Artistic Director programs the season in collaboration with a committee that includes the Executive Director, the Casting Director and the Literary Manager.

A handful of shows programmed come about because an artist (usually a director) has come in and pitched a brilliant idea; however, a larger proportion of our current projects have been originated by the Artistic Director and the Artistic Team. The artists who are invited to work with us are selected on the basis of their experience, their suitability to direct a particular play or cast and, most importantly, on their body of work. Our door is always open to established professional theatre artists and our Artistic Director and Artistic Team regularly meet with directors, writers and creatives.

Although the artists who create work for our annual season are typically highly experienced, STC is also committed to supporting the professional development of emerging artists. If you are an emerging artist who wishes to be considered for opportunities at STC, it is critical that you invite us to see your work. We see an enormous amount of theatre and are constantly searching for new talent that we can nurture and develop.


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