Synopsis: Mosquitoes

Date posted: 06 Sep 2018 Author: STC Production:  Mosquitoes 

Alice is a scientist working towards an important new discovery. It’s 2008 and her Geneva-based team of physicists at the Large Hadron Collider is searching for the Higgs boson, stitching together the fabric of the cosmos. Enter Alice’s sister Jenny, who sells medical insurance over the phone from her home in Luton, England, and trusts her horoscope more than her local GP. Drawn together by a recent tragedy, the sisters’ opposing temperaments and world views don’t take long to cause friction.

In between the two – sometimes uniting them, sometimes dividing them – is their aging mother Karen, and Alice’s hyper-intelligent but troubled teenage son, Luke. Luke is furious at his mother for dragging him to and then neglecting him in a foreign city. Karen, a former scientist herself, is struggling to maintain her authority and autonomy as dementia creeps in.

Luke makes an act of rebellion which will have serious consequences for the family. As the domestic drama plays out, the characters explore fundamental questions about the universe, human nature and our future. Alice may be the physicist, but Jenny shows there is more than one kind of intelligence…

Mosquitoes, 8 Apr – 18 May 2018, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House

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Jacqueline McKenzie and Mandy McElhinney as sisters Alice and Jenny