Podcast: Coming Home to the Wharf Panel

Date posted: 29 Apr 2020 Author: STC

coming home to the wharf

Andrew Denton, Richard Roxburgh, Mandy McElhinney and John Gaden AO. (Photo: Shara Parsons)


A few weeks ago, in simpler times, Andrew Denton hosted a panel with some STC favourites – John Gaden AO, Mandy McElhinney and Richard Roxburgh – chatting about their best-loved memories of past productions and backstage mischief.



For more memories of The Wharf, or to add your own, head to

This podcast was recorded live on March 12 2020, at an event held in the Richard Wherrett Studio of the Roslyn Packer Theatre. The event celebrated our imminent return to our home at The Wharf.