Video: Memories of The Wharf with Shari Sebbens and Nakkiah Lui

Date posted: 31 Mar 2021 Author: STC

Nakkiah Lui wrote large parts of the national smash-hit Black is the New White at The Wharf, which went on to star the much loved Shari Sebbens. Now having been seen by hundred of thousands of audience members across the country, it is a incredible example of the possibilities that can all come out of one building - The Wharf. Since then Nakkiah and Shari have both worked at STC as Resident Artists, as our Patrick White Playwright fellow and Resident Director respectively.

In the latest in our Memories of The Wharf series, Nakkiah and Shari share what it took to make a new Australian classic, and their excitement for all the future opportunities that can come out of The Wharf.


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