Synopsis Death of a Salesman

Date posted: 12 Nov 2021 Author: STC Production:  Death of a Salesman 


Willy Loman has spent the last few decades as a travelling salesman, driving endless, exhausting hours along New England’s highways. Deeply dissatisfied with the rewards he’s earned for his hard work and frustrated with his lot in life, Willy is beginning to lose his grip on his job, his family and it seems, reality. 

Linda Loman is doing everything she can to save her husband from disintegration, her sons from meeting the same fate and her family from descending into ruin. All the while she must endure Willy’s increasingly unhinged rages and dismissive behaviour.

Returning home for the Spring, their sons, Biff and Happy, are both restless and disillusioned. They were promised so much, but the dream they've been sold is becoming increasingly impossible to grasp.

This is the story of a family that continues, in a dark and crumbling world, to seek that most simple but elusive thing: happiness. By journey’s end each family member will learn, in their own way, the terrible price that search can exact.   

Death of a Salesman, 3 Dec – 22 Dec 2021, Roslyn Packer Theatre